ILM Accredited - Coaching

This instructor-led-training will help you get the most of your team by teaching you how to coach them to performance excellence

Course Overview

  • Course Details         

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Workshop size: 25 participants
  • Delivery: Classroom or Online
  • ILM Course Code: E46D-003  

Course Objectives

  • Identify when coaching is the best solution
  • Identify coaching and development needs and implement appropriate solutions
  • Recognise and remove the obstacles to successful coaching
  • Use a model to plan, prepare and structure a coaching session
  • Give feedback for performance improvement
  • Measure the effectiveness and impact of coaching sessions

Training Techniques 

  • Experiential learning
  • Case studies
  • Group learning and discussion
  • Individual challenges
  • Collaborative and competitive tasks
  • Training videos
  • Role plays and simulations


Here is what we will cover in
this course

Different Types of Development

- Coaching
-When coaching is the best solution

Coaching Concepts 

-Coaching as a powerful management tool
-Identifying situations where coaching is appropriate
-The benefits of coaching
-The five golden rules

Understanding Learning and Development

-How adults learn
-The learning cycle
-Stages of learning
-Learning styles
-The skill-will matrix
-Motivation to learn 

Essential Communication Skills

-Active listening
-Questioning skills
-Building awareness and responsibility

Coaching with Structure

-Defining the needs: the coaching plan
-Controlling and optimising expectations
-Enhancing your plan for future sessions

The GROW Model

-The inner game
-Options and obstacles
-Way forward


ILM Assured

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