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11-15 July: Crude Oil  & Petroleum Products Specifications & Analysis   

Course Description
The increased price of crude oil emphasizes the importance of its accurate and efficient sampling. “Crude oil and petroleum products specifications and analysis," a technical and professional training course focuses on obtaining representative samples using automatic and manual methods; the tests available for obtaining data for determining quantity for custody transfer purposes and conformance to expected quality; and making a rapid evaluation of the commodity to assess handling and processing characteristics.

12 PM - 5 PM (UAE)
10 AM - 3 PM (EU)
9 AM - 2 PM (UK)
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Course outline

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Specifications and Analysis

Upon the successful completion of this course, participant will gain enough knowledge in Crude & Petroleum Products Specification & Analysis Nature of Crude Oil ,Crude Oil Assays & Analytical Methods ,Crude Oil Specification, Variability in Crude Oil Quality , ASTM & Simulated Distillation of Crude Oil, Significance of Crude Oil Distillation to Refining Processes, Crude Oil Chemistry & Contaminants, Significance of Contaminant on Refining Processes, Product Compositions, Specification and their significance, Product Sampling,

Testing and Reporting in addition actual case studies from around the world will be demonstrated in accordance with ASTM, IP, ISO and UOP Standards to highlight the topics discussed. This course study the essential elements of all analytical tests used to characterize petroleum and petroleum products. 

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