Lesson series

16-18 May:
Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting

The ability to effectively and safely troubleshoot electrical systems is an essential skill for any technical staff responsible for maintenance in an industrial, commercial or utility facility. 

12 PM - 5 PM (UAE)
10 AM - 3 PM (EU)
9 AM - 2 PM (UK)
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Course Lessons

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Course outline

Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting

Day 1

 1. Electrical Safety

A. Lockout/Tagout

B. Deenergized Troubleshooting


 2. Use of Test Instruments

A. Analog  and Digital

1.    Millimeters

2.    Electrical insulation mergers

3.    Ductors

4.    Dielectric Oil testers

5.    Earthing resistance testers

Day 2

3. Reading and Interpreting Line Diagrams

 A. Wiring Diagrams

 B. Ladder Diagrams

C .  Schematic’s diagrams

D. Wiring Diagrams

E. Block Diagrams


 Day 3

 4. Circuit Components

 A. Switches

 B. Contactors and Relays

 C.  Switchgears

 D. Motors

 E. Drives and speed controller’s

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