ILM Accredited - Recruitment and Selection

This instructor-led-training will show you how to recruit and build a winning team in your business.

Course Overview

  • Course Details         

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Workshop size: 25 participants
  • Delivery: Classroom or Online
  • ILM Course Code: E46D-05  

Course Objectives

  • Define recruitment and selection and describe the impact on organisational goals and strategy
  • Specify the requirements of the job vacancy 
  • Identify the criteria against which to select the most suitable candidate 
  • Develop effective interview questions 
  • Understand interviewing skills and techniques 
  • Effectively evaluate the candidate and make recommendations

Training Techniques 

  • Experiential learning
  • Case studies
  • Group learning and discussion
  • Individual challenges
  • Collaborative and competitive tasks
  • Training videos
  • Role plays and simulations


Here is what we will cover in
this course

Aligning Recruitment to Business Strategy

-Understanding recruitment drivers
-Fitting requirements to strategy
-Manpower planning
-The link to talent management

Attracting Talent

-What makes your company a great employer
-Becoming an employer of choice
-Employment branding
-Employment value propositions
-Methods of advertising and recruiting

The Recruitment Process

-Identifying a recruitment need
-Job analysis
-Job descriptions and person specifications
-Advertising the position
-Defining the requirements and attaching candidates


-Selection processes
-Screening resumes and CV’s
-Selection methods
-Assessment methods
-Using references
-Key roles and responsibilities

Competency Based Interviews

-Traditional interviews vs competency interviews
-The structure of the interview
-Skills and competencies
-Understanding the competency framework

Interview Review

-Reviewing candidate qualities, attributes and skills 
-Selecting the right candidate
-Best practices for declined and selected candidates
-Job offers and follow-up


ILM Assured

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