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11-15 July: Troubleshooting in Refineries 

Course Description
The refinery is the engine of the oil industry where crude is converted into finished products available for consumption by its customers. This needs to be done safely and efficiently.
This course has been developed to provide an in-depth, yet practical review of the art and science of refinery process plants troubleshooting. Since day-to-day operation problem solving and optimizing are critical to the profitability of plant operations, troubleshooting is a prime responsibility of refinery and plant engineers. The importance of troubleshooting has grown as plants push to operate at higher and higher throughput levels.
The program’s content is both comprehensive and wide-ranging. The course will cover in details the elements of the core refinery process unit operations and troubleshooting, equipment and systems operation and troubleshooting, instruments, control loops, utility systems and safe sampling procedures.
In addition to the scientific procedures and contents of this course, many of real life case studies and implementations are planned to be presented in an open discussion forum with the participants.

12 PM - 5 PM (UAE)
10 AM - 3 PM (EU)
9 AM - 2 PM (UK)
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Course Lessons

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Course outline

Troubleshooting in Refineries

Day 1
    Petroleum Refining Fundamentals
    • Crude Oil Chemistry and Properties
    • Classification of Crude Oil
    • Crude Assays and valuation
    • Refinery Overview
    • Refinery Configurations
    • Petroleum Products
    o Petroleum Product and its Specifications
    o Main impurities
    o New trends in market structure and product characteristics
    o Ultra low sulfur products
    • Case study
Day 3
    Process Operational Upsets and Troubleshooting
    Understanding the types of problems that could occur
    • Problem solving and decision making
    • Refinery process units troubleshooting
    • Catalytic processes troubleshooting
    • Operating parameters 
    • Distillation columns 
    • Tray fouling 
    • Common reflux problems 
    • Tray dynamics: flooding, foaming, dumping,…etc
    • Human errors
    • Case study
Day 5

    Troubleshooting Refinery Process Plant Startup/Shutdown

  • Requirements for a successful start-up/shutdown
  • Start-Up/Shutdown problems
  • Elimination and mitigation of the effect of problems
  • Plant pre-commissioning & commissioning
  • Start-Up & Initial operation
  • Post start-up
  • Case Study

Day 2 Refinery Process Operations

  • Refinery Process Operations ·         
  • Distillation Processes ·         
  • Hydrotreating Processes ·         
  • Hydrocracking ·         
  • Catalytic Reforming ·         
  • Isomerization ·         
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking ·         
  • Alkylation ·         
  • Isomerization ·         
  • Delayed Coking ·         
  • Gas sweetening and Sulfur Recovery ·          Residual Oil Hydroprocessing ·         
  • Case study

Day 4

Troubleshooting Refinery Equipment and System Operations        

  • Columns
  • Reactors
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fired Heaters
  • Flare and Vent System
  • Case study

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